(Taugler Liedertage)

Come together, sing together.

3 days – 4 performances – 22 artists – countless encounters. The focus of the new music festival is on the encounters between the artists and the audience. In the midst of Salzburg’s mountains and only 20 minutes from the city of Mozart lies the venue of St. Koloman. It’s an unprecedented experience of singing, poetry, and good company by international artists of classical and folk music over a week.

The kick-off of the Taugler Liedertage in the summer of 2022 was a complete success, especially because of the musical performances of top-class artists like Marlis Petersen, Stephan Matthias Lademann, Johannes B. Czernin, Peter Lohmeyer and many more.

Idea and Implementation

We connect many different worlds. Popular and classical music, city and country, young and old. We show and unite these ‘apparent’ contradictions in the appearance of the Taugler Liedertage and make the event visibly accessible to all. With the style of street-art, we show how classical music and folk music unite to something completely new.


Taugler Liedertage
Patrick Sellier
Johannes B. Czernin




Culture and Event


Event Brand Design


Sergej Ritter-Höntzsch
(Art Direction)

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Intro Case
Taugler Liedertage Plakate und Kampagne by Solid & Bold

We use the power of emojis and combine them with musical notation elements – something familiar, but just in a new guise.

Taugler Liedertage Notenzeichen
Kultur zum Blättern: Das Programmheft der Taugler Liedertage.
Einladung für Kulturbegeisterte: zu den Taugler Liedertagen.
Marlis Petersen und Matthias Lademann bei den Taugler Liedertagen 2022

Marlis Petersen and Stephan Matthias Lademann

Lanyards und Eintrittskarten für die Taugler Liedertage.
Klassische Musik neu interpretiert: Die Eintrittsbänder für die Taugler Liedertage.
Taugler Liedertage 2022
Kultur, Musik, Tradition bei den Taugler Liedertagen
Taugler Liedertage Plakate und Kampagne by Solid & Bold
Peter Lohmeyer und Claudia Seigmann bei den Taugler Liedertagen

Peter Lohmeyer and Claudia Seigmann

Taugler Liedertage 2022
Taugler Liedertage Plakate und Kampagne by Solid & Bold
Johannes B. Czernin Taugler Liedertage 2022

Johannes B. Czernin,

Die Taugler Liedertage sind ein Kulturfestival, bei dem Musiker von Weltrang in einem ungezwungenen Setting auftreten.
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