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Discover outdoor moments together

Going outdoors leads to yourself: Martini Sportswear accompanies mountain enthusiasts (and those who want to become them) on their personal outdoor moments. The new brand design tells these experiences.

Idea and Implementation

By mountaineers for mountaineers: The people behind Martini Sportswear know the outdoors from real experience – including the glory days to the less-than-epic. From this lived experience, Martini outdoorsmen/women gather strength and ideas from each individual Martini Sportswear product.

The brand story reveals personal moments in the revised brand design: The design invites the public to discover the world of Martini Sportswear for themselves. The newly defined visual language moves away from product staging towards real outdoor moments and the people who experience them. These moments are concentrated in a newly defined design language.


Martini Sportswear






Stefanie Aunitz
(Graphic Design)

Sandra KTG
(Art Direction)

Dominik Langegger
(Project Management, Art Direction)

Sergej Ritter-Höntzsch
(Brand Story & Narrative)

Matthias Tildach
(Graphic Design )

Stephan Riefer

Andre Schönherr

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Project Info Case

The claim is a signature design element: Martini Sportswear invites you to discover your personal outdoor moment. Animation, design language, and imagery create the key visuals used across all media.

Imagebilder aus der Bildwelt von Martini Sportswear.
Entdecken am Point of Sale: Martini Sportswear lenkt mit dem strategischen Brand Design den Blick der Zielgruppe.
Die Bildsprache von Martini Sportswear erzählt von Outdorr Abenteuern.

Anyone traveling in the Alps knows the spunky Martini-M. This powerful brand awareness means refining the logo but not completely changing it. The gentle makeover brings the brand into 2022 — and beyond. We´ve decluttered the word mark and removed unnecessary edges. The letters are straighter and cleaner. We enlarged the “Sportswear” tagline and complemented the brand name with more balanced proportions. Unnecessary curves are gone from the signet. The new straight lines fit harmoniously into the overall picture.

Das überarbeitete Martini Sportswear Logo.
Das Martini Sportswear Logo am Point of Sale: Brand Design for Fashion.
Die Ikonografie von Martini Sportswear.

The new pictogram style complements the typeface with a balanced design language. The basic grid is large enough to provide space for the visualization of complex topics. The icon language is light, happy and casual.


Eine Marke ist mehr als die Summe seiner Teile, darum legen wir größten Wert auch auf die kleinsten Details eines Brand Designs.
Die Martini Sportswear Typografie und Bildwelt in Kombination.
Im Shooting der Martini Sportswear Imagebilder ist die Brand Story das Creative Brief: Discover Outdoor Moments together.
Auch so kann Marke: Martini Sportswear präsentiert sich in zeitgemäßer Design Sprache.
Brand Design Studio vs. Werbeagentur.



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