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Our teams are like musicians. They don’t work alone – we share a common mission, listen actively, improvise, and cooperate with mutual trust. We believe the big performance counts as much as the journey to get there.

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Career Spirit
Unternehmenskultur bei Solid & Bold
Unternehmenskultur bei Solid & Bold

Your situation is unique. Family-friendly and ADA compliant office included.

You’ve come to the right place if …

You have a personality. It doesn’t matter if you’re extroverted or shy, you like heavy metal or Mozart, you play chess or skydive. We are looking for people with spark & sparkle who are here to make a difference, fueled by ideas and skills. We also want long-distance relay runners. Can you cross the finish line without running out of steam? You must be able to evolve, which means overcoming challenges and accepting critique. We’re asking for your appreciation, cooperation, and good humor.

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Our Reason Why

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Reason Why Our Culture

Shared Values

What defines us? Our culture. People make a company — not the business plan. We are a playground of exciting personalities. This is how we understand and interact with each other and the world.