(United We Brand)

We enter the scene when you need to bridge the gap between strategy, story and design. Success happens when we weave these components together to breathe new life into your brand.

Bildauswahl und Bildstil im Branding Prozess

This world is visual

Markenwerte sind elementar im Branding

Brand essence is the core truth that beats life into your brand values ​​and characteristics.

Brand Design Moodboard

The mood board is a potpourri of feelings that express themselves through materials, colors, and ideas on a specific topic.

Handwerkliches Können und Präzision bei der Signaletik

Craftsmanship, experience, and Zeitgeist characterize our work.

Nie ohne Schulterblick abbiegen: Unsere interne Vorabpräsentation dient zur Richtungsbestimmung.

Clear for take – off! Our initial internal  presentation serves to determine your flight path – in advance.

Verpackungsdesign / Packagingdesign bei Solid & Bold

Trademarks developed during the brand design phase play a major role in your packaging.

united we brand bei Solid & Bold

Designwork is teamwork

Zukunftsthemen für zukunftsfähige Marken

Progressive topics for sustainable brands

Farben sind ein starker Differenziator im Branding
Lego Serious Play® zur Visionsfindung

Lego Serious Play – vision source workshop

Brands play a critical role because they shape our everyday lives … from the t-shirt we wear, the cereal we eat, the magazines we read, the theaters we visit, and the hotels we book. Brands influence our daily decisions. 

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Self Awareness How we do it
(Branding Principles)
How we brand
Why brand matters
A brand is more than a concept. It is an entrepreneur’s North Star. Your Brand is a source of inspiration that percolates to the surface of daily decisions. The goal is to create the good vibes that make a lasting impression.
Brand = meaning + resonance
Strong brands develop a strong relationship with your audience, creating a sense of community and belonging. Your brand embodies what people care about: this is your company´s essence.
The orchestral experience
Branding is not about virtuoso soloists who play alone. Rather, our job is to assemble an orchestra where all instruments produce a unified and harmonious sound that touches your audience. This is what we mean by ‘brand experience.’
Change makers
Brands trigger and support change – individually, collectively and in society as a whole.

We develop your brand: it’s that simple.

(Straight to the core)
Brand Strategy

Brand work brings clarity. We delve into what your company wants to be … what others think and feel about you. The first phase tackles big-picture issues because a strong brand requires two things: knowing your purpose and the needs of your audience. This is the only way your brand gets into people’s hearts. When you have meaning, you get resonance. Problem solved.

(Define your narrative)
Brand Story

Whoever writes the (best) story wins. Telling good stories has shifted from maybe to Must-Have. Why? Because a solid brand story connects with your audience and defines their personal values. This helps them make quick decisions about whether to engage. People remember stories, not abstract terms, numbers, or facts. We implement this potent information across all company facets and touchpoints. 

(Design your identity)
Brand Design

The best strategy is pointless if no one sees it. Brand design is the decisive element. Design gives your message tangible form. You should convey your brand simply, clearly and emotionally throughout the guest experience and across all media. Your unmistakable identity is created through a harmonizing blend of images, behavior, smells, haptics, etc.

(Touchdown on touchpoints)
Brand Experience

“Practice what you preach!” After defining and designing, we implement your brand strategy, design, and story around all touch points. Lighthouse projects solidify your brand and set the stage for future projects. Once you have a website, image brochure, packaging, signage, content editing, or photo shoot, the Solid Brand Base sets the stage for smooth sailing. 

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How we do it Brand the Change