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We are a brand design studio in Salzburg. Owner-managed and independent. We create meaningful relationships between people and brands – with defined strategy, bold implementation, and lasting impressions.

What’s our recipe? We work together under one roof: consultants & creatives, strategists & designers, storytellers & analysts, right & left hemispheres. We are Solid & Bold.

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The cultural metropolis of Salzburg is the ideal location in central Europe. Tourism flows through the veins of the Mozart city. Surrounded by monumental architecture and a world stage, we are inspired to surpass our work every day for durability, quality and strength.
(Years of Experience)
Everyone brings their unique portfolio to the table. Our experts are packed with experience in design, the hotel industry, communications, marketing & advertising, craftsmanship, management consulting, and much more.
(Creative Minds)
Individually we are great – together, we are unbeatable. We are guardians of witty design. So please be good to us — great talent is harder to find than gorgeous clients.
(Ideas over egos)
When people come together to think outside the box, exceptional brand experiences and strategies emerge. We work with a network of (inter)national experts to achieve excellent results.
Spiel und Strategie am Kajetaner-Platz in Salzburg



Salzburg Festung Marko-Feingold-Steg



Solid & Bold Brand Design Studio



Solid & Bold Brand Design Studio



Solid & Bold Brand Design Studio

Mönchsberg: the landmark mountain from our studio


Solid & Bold Brand Design Studio



Solid & Bold Brand Design Studio

There is a seat available in our Content Unit. 


Solid & Bold Brand Design Studio



Solid & Bold Brand Design Studio



Solid & Bold am Franz-Josef-Kai 3
Unser Studio in Salzburg
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Studio Mission

Beauty in good things

We believe in a world where brands enrich people’s lives and change the world. As brand makers, we drive this change by connecting companies, visions, and people. We look for authenticity in all things, then strive for beauty to preserve goodness.

More than an advertising agency
We are a design studio where strategists and creatives work together in pursuit of excellence.
Simple. Beautiful.
We make things simple – but not simpler. We define simple as: useful for everyone. When we pull back the curtains and strip away the fluff, things get exciting … it’s not as easy as you’d think.
Think first, design later
A strong brand starts with clear thoughts and the right team. We create with good plans, not good luck. We don’t do last-minute meetings or find inspiration on the toilet.
United we brand
A solid business culture is paramount. Excellent work requires great minds. We are pioneers and companions at once. Honestly, doing it together is more fun.
We work for YOUR clients
Leave no friend behind. A brand comes to life when the messaging resonates within every level of the organization.
But first – Research
Quick, cheap solutions do not turn lead into gold. To get to the heart of the matter, we have to find it. The right answers come when we ask the right questions.
A people business
Employees are our best asset. Outstanding talent and personalities are rare specimens, so please be kind.
Too good to fade
A timeless design is one that is durable and follows its own style. This saves resources and fulfills all three sustainability pillars. Whenever possible, we source climate-friendly materials and production methods.
No quickies here
We value authentic relationships. This requires a sustainable framework. We make important decisions based on values and consensus. This is how we grow great talent.
We take you seriously
Our moral compass guides us to give honest advice, share transparent processes, and honor deadlines. A myth for some, lofty ideals for others, daily business for us.
Totally unified
We work with specialists to create the best possible translation of your brand. This is good for your project with efficient quality and leaner processes. You won’t even notice it in the best-case scenario.
Competent craftsmanship
We admire and harness the power of master craftsmanship – in our own work and with our partners. This is a valuable analog counterpoint in a digital world.
Quality is an attitude
We value quality above all else and strive for excellence and longevity.
Best Served Bold
We don’t just look at the stars; we shoot for them. Change requires boldness and a pair of boots that go the extra mile. This is our value proposition to you.
Show, don’t tell
When others beat around the bush, we get right to work to show you that the proof is in the pudding.
Form follows story
We develop solutions from your authentic story as the logical development of Sullivan’s “form follows function.”
In good company
We welcome the input and insight of all concerned parties, including the diverse opinions of employees and customers.
Home run
We accompany our clients all the way to home base because we grow with your success.
A family affair
We are and will always remain an independent and owner-managed family business.
Stay curious!
We welcome future trends and new technologies, using them skillfully to achieve your goals.
Never ending branding
Branding is an investment in your company’s future growth which requires change. We know branding pays off, provided you take it seriously and keep going the distance.

It’s a people’s

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Team Join us

Are you solid enough to be bold? Or vice versa? Let’s meet! We are always looking for new partners and talent to join our creative culture. 

Received Awards
iF Designaward 2023 for Stephen King‘s ES
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