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We are brand design professionals at every level, but nobody knows your brand like you do. Let’s join forces and work together.

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Service Brand Strategy


Together we define the essence of your brand: What is your voice? How do you behave  – internally and externally? We clarify your vision, mission, and values. Then we agree on brand promises and your unique personality.

Your position and strategic goals emerge with a clearly identified mission. We examine the marketplace, trends, competition, target groups, brand architecture, and customer experiences. We advise, coach, and accompany both new and established companies to determine a crystal-clear brand.

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Strategische Markenarbeit: Finden des Markenkerns

Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk

Im Branding Process wird die jetzige und zukünftige Marktpositionierung analysiert

Branding Workshop with physio-trainer Gernot Schweizer

Trends und Zukunftsthemen im Branding

Future trends and market analysis

Brand Strategy Workshop mit Lego Serious Play®

Lego Serious Play® Vision Quest

Brand Strategy Workshop

Brand Strategy Workshop with Martini Sportswear 

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Brand Strategy Brand Story


Brand narrative combines your company´s origin, values, attitude, future vision, facts, emotions, etc. — this storyline weaves a common thread throughout your communications strategy. Your unique narrative creates and conveys meaning in everything you do.

Our brand narrative package contains the building blocks for your strategic communications, which includes tone of voice, content strategy, and slogan. Brand storytelling is the crucial link when it comes to off-and-online marketing.

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Burg Hotel Fotoshooting

Visual Storytelling

Grafik der Schlüsselthemen des Burg Hotels
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Brand Story Brand Design


Simple. Beauty. Brand design is the product of your unique brand identity combined with strategy. In brand identity, we focus on the elements that determine how your brand is perceived. It’s an interdisciplinary effort using images, language, typography, movement, smell, sound, and texture.

We create a bespoke package to make yours a  remarkable brand. Maybe you need a revolutionary design, an evolutionary redesign, or an invigorating upgrade. The important question, though, is, what does your audience want now?

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Brand Design Brand Experience


All set: Your brand is creating impact. Coordinated implementation at all touchpoints is paramount. Here we launch media experiences to engage your audience — website, image, photography and film, packaging design, POS design, signage (guidance and orientation system), or image brochure. Always under the guiding star of your brand strategy and story.

Nota bene: We are not offended should you continue alone or with other professionals. Anyone who makes your brand shine is welcome to the party. The Solid Brand Base is a lighthouse for future direction.


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MareMare Interior Photography

Burg magazine

Werte, welche auch bei der Monvest Website, gestaltet von Solid & Bold transportiert werden sollen

Monvest Website

ZillerSeasons Brochures

95 Grad Food Photography

petrichor Website

Vivamayr Interior Photography

Burg Hotel Photo Shoot

Kurapotheke Bad Ischl Packaging Design

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Brand Experience Solid Brand Base
(Solid Brand Base)

One more thing … the Solid Brand Base is the birth of everything. It is a digital manual that everyone can download – from anywhere – to be read and shared. 

The best brand is useless if it’s not seen by others. The Solid Brand Base brings your brand to life. There are no rigid rules, just guiding principles that inspire and grow with you.

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Solid Brand Base