(Goldenes Schiff)

The City, Country, River Hotel

The city hotel Goldenes Schiff is an Austrian cultural asset with a story to tell and experience … far away from the imperial hustle and bustle.

Idea and Implementation

The Traun River has welcomed guests since 1821, a time when there were riverbank haulers and salt bargemen during the flourishing salt trading era. Later, the emperor and his entourage arrived. Travelers from all over the world now come to Bad Ischl and the Goldenes Schiff.

Whether city vibes or a natural oasis, historical or up-to-date: likely it’s all of the above that gives the city hotel its unmistakable brand aura, inspiring people to discover old and new stories.


Goldenes Schiff






Anna Kronthaler
(Graphic Design)

Sandra KTG
(Art Direction, Graphic Design)

Saskia Ritter-Höntzsch

Sergej Ritter-Höntzsch
(Project Management, Creative Direction)

Michael Königshofer
(Portfolio Photography)

(Brand Strategy)

Unykat / Christoph Platzer
(Interior Photography)

(Interior Design & Architecure)

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Traun is trump! It is both origin and goal. Once a hostel for riverbank haulers and salt bargemen, the Goldenes Schiff is popular with guests today, thanks to its privileged location on the Traun River. We let it flow through all brand elements in the design language.


The Traun River is the inspiration for our color world – typical for the ‘green’ river and the local architecture. Our Traun green matches the Salzkammergut and Bad Ischl, it’s place of origin. It just feels right.


“It is important that our brand has strong guest appeal. When a strong relationship is established, guests remain brand loyal for a long time. This takes supreme discipline; we know that, and it’s why we work on our brand every day. Only when a brand is clear, understandable, emotionally connects, and keeps its promises – that’s when guests become fans who continue to tell the brand story.”

— Edwin Gruber, Hotelier Goldenes Schiff, Bad Ischl

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