(Brandfit Workshop)

This is where we dive into the world of branding and help you to decode the DNA of your brand – the basis for all brand activities that follow.

Our workshop is a lively learning journey for people who want to make a difference. The workshop helps you develop a strong idea and a lean brand concept. You will learn the attributes of a well-defined brand and how to put it into action.


(The Plan)
2 —> half days
6 —> intensive hours
2 —> moderators
1 —> result

= Brand Turbo Boost
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Brandfit Workshop FAQ
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FAQ Content
(1 — Quo vadis)
Your brand shouldn’t exist for its own sake; it exists because it achieves your goals. Set S.M.A.R.T goals to develop a more effective brand.
(2 — Why)
Purpose is the higher calling that drives your daily endeavors and benefits others. We work together to find and formulate it into a pithy sentence.
(3 — What)
Basically, your brand offers a nice description of your product or service. Your proposition is your offer – the WHAT – keeping it as simple and compelling as possible.
(4 — Who)
Who are your target groups? These are the people you need to attract to your product/service in order to achieve your branding goals.
(5 — How)
What role does “brand” play in achieving your goal? How do you get people excited about your product/service? We examine your positioning and look for new opportunities.
(6 — Summary)
Strategy on a page
A brand strategy outlines the function the brand will play in fulfilling your purpose. How will your brand attract an audience to your idea, product, or service?
(7 — View)
What does the ideal world look like? Does your product or service improve the lives of your target audience?
(8 — Conclusion)
Final Conversation
Together we review the day, highlighting important insights and impressions. By the end, you’ll have access to the Brand Base with documents and additional information.
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Be prepared to work hard. The process is both challenging and rewarding.

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