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What defines our corporate culture? It’s the people who determine a company’s success more than the business plan. We are a playground of exciting personalities. This is how we see each other and interact with the world.

Unternehmenskultur bei Solid & Bold



Unternehmenskultur bei Solid & Bold
Kultur & Team bei Solid & Bold



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Teamgeist bei Solid & Bold



Unternehmenskultur bei Solid & Bold








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Business Culture Kind Commerce
(Show, Don’t Tell)

Kind Commerce

Our credo: “make remarkable brands with remarkable minds.” Excellent work requires the finest. We foster a culture of Unity because it’s more fun that way.

Et Zeichen: And remarkable People
Say Teeeeam

The ampersand in our name is intentional and represents equal footing in relationships. We support and learn from each other to solve customer problems. Rather than competitive, we are a cooperative team who values and enriches one another no matter what: boss, intern, or senior art director.

united we brand bei Solid & Bold
All together now

We want your problems! Every Wednesday, it’s All for One when we gather around the table to solve project issues with the concentrated mental power of a united team.

Mitarbeiteressen bei Solid & Bold
Say NO to hangry

We spend around 250 lunchtimes at the Solid & Bold studio, reason enough to take staff meals seriously with delicious, healthy food. Luckily, we’re located along the banks of the Salzach river — the ideal place to reflect and digest. 


Einheit und Vielfalt bei Solid & Bold
Unity through diversity

Diversity enriches us and your project. We welcome people with different opinions, ideas, goals, and beliefs. This applies to everyone: employees, partners, and clients.

Solid & Bold Brand Design Studio
No Quickies, please

We value real relationships, and this philosophy requires a progressive framework. We make important decisions based on values and consensus, which is likely why great talent sticks around and grows with us.

Work smart – play hard

The goals we achieve together matter most. Working independently, taking sabbaticals, or a 4-day week are real options for us and support different employee lifestyles.

Physiotraining bei Solid & Bold
Healthy body, healthy mind

Mens sana in corpore sano means healthy and sensible. We know exercise makes good things happen, so join our weekly personal training sessions with physiotherapist Gernot Schweizer. 

Book Smart

Continuing education and advanced training are not choices but necessary as we improve together. This includes individual training, continuing education, international design conferences, book clubs and book flat rates, seminars, new tools, software training, and more.

Stick together

The digital nomad concept is not ours. Good ideas are the result of hard work, intense cooperation, and a fixed location — at least on a hybrid basis. We have plenty of space, handcrafted workspaces for sitting or standing, and real leather armchairs. The coffee is on us too. If you’re here, we’ll brew your favorite bean.  

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Let’s get acquainted Our Philosophy
Rules we follow
We are a BRANDING agency, first and foremost
We are a design studio for a good reason. It’s where strategists and creative people work hand-in-hand for excellence.
Simple. Beautiful.
We make things simple – but not easy. Simplicity means making things useful for everyone. Things get exciting when the decorations are gone.
Think first, design later
A strong brand starts with clear thoughts and the right people. Nothing works for us without a plan. For quick meeting shots and creative flashes of inspiration in the shower, it is better to call the dog catcher.
United we brand
A solid corporate culture is the ultimate. Excellent work requires excellent minds. We are pioneers and companions because, frankly, it’s more fun together.
We work for YOUR clients
Only when the message of a brand resonates with others does the brand fulfill its reason to exist. All stakeholders matter.
But first – Research
There are no quick and cheap solutions that can turn worthless into valuable. To get to the point, we have to find it first. We can only give answers when we ask the right questions.
The people’s business
Our employees are our capital. Outstanding talent and personalities are harder to find than beautiful customers. So please be kind.
Too good to go
Design is sustainable when it lasts – it must be well-made and follow its own style. This saves resources and fulfills all three pillars of sustainability. Whenever possible, we source climate-friendly materials and production.
No quickies, please
We prefer real relationships and long-term partnerships rather than one-night stands.
We take your pleasure seriously
Honest advice, transparent processes, respect for deadlines, and a moral compass. What is a myth for some, a lofty ideal for others, is daily business for us.
Definitely Together
We work seamlessly with specialists to enable the best possible translation of your brand. This is good for your project with time-sensitive quality and leaner processes. In the best-case scenario, you won’t even notice it.
Bold Craftsmanship
We admire and use the power of master craftsmanship – in our own work and our partners. This creates a valuable analog counterpoint in a digital world.
Quality is attitude
We are quality makers and strive for excellence and longevity.
Best served bold
We do what works best. Change requires boldness and boots that go the extra mile. This is our value proposition.
Show, don’t tell.
When others are beating around the bush, we deliver immediate experiences and results that provide real proof.
Form follows story
Developing solutions from your own authentic story is the logical development of Sullivan’s “form follows function.”
In Good Company
We welcome people and groups of differing opinions, ideas, goals, and beliefs. For employees, our customers, and their audience.
We accompany our customers to their home base because as they succeed, we grow.
We are and will always remain an independent and owner-managed family business.
Stay Curious!
We embrace future trends and new technologies to achieve our goals.
Neverending Branding
Branding is an investment in positive change, but does it pay off? We say, Yes. But only if you take it seriously and keep going. Evolution is the nature of branding.
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