(Junior Designer)

Florian Riedlsperger


If there’s one thing Flo has consciously chosen in his life, it’s the fact that he simply can’t decide… Should he follow his head or trust his gut feeling? Would he rather live in the city or in the country? Would he rather go to soccer training at the weekend or work off some energy in the biathlon?

What sounds like hopeless indecision here is actually the secret superpower that characterizes Flo and his work. He doesn’t decide for one and against the other, but harmoniously balances the two: he makes decisions with his head – if his gut agrees. He simply shuttles between town and country. He plays soccer in summer and goes cross-country skiing in winter.

This balance can also be felt in Flo’s projects: A strategic approach with creative solutions. Fun at work with a serious interest in the success of his projects. Lots of ideas with a concrete goal. Simply solid and bold.

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Vita Auf einen Drink

On a drink
with our Junior Designer


What motivated you to do what you do today?

As we all know, life writes the best stories. Mine could be compared to Thomas Edison’s… What do we have in common? We both needed 1,000 attempts before we saw the light. In my case, it wasn’t the light bulb, but the realization of where my talents lie. And I’m able to exercise them today with a lot of fun at work.


What should never be missing in your fridge?

Pesto, tomatoes and peppers – the all-purpose weapons par excellence when it comes to feeding a lazy and hungry twenty-something.