(Photographer & Designer)

Fabian Johann


As a creative, everyone tries to find their place in the colorful world of design. But do we really need a sweet spot? We constantly reinvent ourselves and grow with every challenge. There are no predictable paths – talent and enthusiasm are driving forces, guiding and leading.

From industrial design to fine arts photography and art direction and on to branding. Fabian’s creative journey is not straightforward, but characterized by winding passages. He finds inspiration in the mountains, in the snow, in architecture and in every step of everyday life. Light and shadow, contrast and contrasts lend his handwriting its formative structure and composition. The mixture of different professions enables him to think holistically and with overarching continuity.

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Analog or digital photography?

Analog photography challenges me to have a single perfect image already on the film. Immutability is the clear challenge. In digital photography, there are endless possibilities during the shoot but also in post-production. There are no limits to creativity. I don’t want to have to choose. Both are unique in themselves.


Which color should not be missing in your toolbox?

In general, no color should be missing, each has its justification and its use. However, if I were limited to just one color direction, it would be easy for me to make a quick decision. Warm, earthy tones, olive green and beige. Natural colors particularly inspire me. They calm and ground me – like a morning walk through the forest.


Which movie inspires you?

Whether it’s a historical movie or a dystopia – I like to be transported to other times and worlds. Interstellar represents an almost incomprehensible change in time and space. The question always arises – is our human mind designed to understand the full extent of it? I like to immerse myself in such mind games and try to think outside the box.

Florian Johann