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Anna Reshetova


From an early age, Anna knew exactly what she wanted to do, but for a long time she hid it even from herself. After completing her studies in “Public Administration” in her home country and studying for a “respectable profession” (as her beloved grandma called it), she decided to follow her dream and do something completely different with her life. “Five years ago, I couldn’t have imagined being part of the Solid & Bold team and implementing projects (and in German, which I’ve only been speaking for a few years).” Her degree in communication design at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences helped Anna to find her calling.

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Warum bekommen Designer immer die besten Ideen unter der Dusche?

I think it’s my collection of funny dog pictures that I’ve been collecting for a few years now. And these photos are always taken completely by chance, usually on the street.


Why do designers always get the best ideas in the shower?

I think that’s because the best ideas come about when you “live” them. At least that’s how it works for me. Before I solve a creative problem, I “live” with it for a few days, think about possible solutions, and at some point I have an epiphany.


What is the strangest object or the most unusual inspiration you have ever used for a design?

I once used my hands (or rather palms) to create textures for a project. I scanned them and used Photoshop to create a unique pattern that was then used for the branding. I liked the way the natural skin pattern looks on the palms and how the lines overlap.

Anna Reshetova
Anna Reshetova
Anna Reshekova
Anna Reshetova