(ZillerSeasons Signage)

Good Guides

Signage is more than a friendly gesture for guests. Rather, it helps to orient and guide, considered an important brand touch point, which can deeply affect first impressions upon arrival.

Idea and Implementation

With the ZillerSeasons, we continued the demand for high-quality materials and independence for signage, both inside and out. Our secret ingredients: patinated bronze, modern LED technology, and our own set of pictograms.








Salzburg State Prize 2020

3. Platz, POS & Messebau


Sandra KTG
(Art Direction, Graphic Design, Signaling)

Sergej Ritter-Höntzsch
(Project Management, Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Signaling)

Furchti & Friends
(Web Development )

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Bronze is a non-ferrous metal and is much more difficult to process than plastic, steel, or aluminum. Due to the low melt temperature, it can only be water blasted (and not lasered). The bronze sign was refined with a patination, where the bronze alloy was immersed in an ammonium sulphate solution and dried. The relatively complex production and high cost makes them valuable and special.

Ein gut durchdachtes Leitsystem

The developing patina is not a flaw but a natural beauty that – much like a good wine – becomes perfect over time. We deliberately integrated the patina effect into the design process and oiled the bronze rather than varnishing it.

Mit dem Orientierungssystem von Solid & Bold findet man im Das Posthotel by ZillerSeasons immer den richtigen Weg

The HochLeger orientation system in the chalets blends with the surrounding architecture. The powder-coated, anthracite-colored lamps were there first, so we also adopted this technology for the signage and sign-posting.

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