A Salzburg community defines itself

Get together, Come together – Within the EU Agenda21 process, a future profile was created for  St. Koloman with the identity-creating Taugl brand. It will bring attention to and promote the values of community and cohesion.


Idea and Implementation

The slogan “Zammbringa – Zammkemma” is shown in a circle. This underlines the idea of community and cohesion (among the Tauglers). In the middle, the individual finds a stage to express himself and his personal qualities. So every single piece becomes part of something larger. A democratic brand design, if you will.



Community of St.Koloman

Taugl Network 




Regional Development


Sandra KTG
(Graphic Design)

Sergej Ritter-Höntzsch
(Projekt Management, Creative & Art Direction, Brand Strategy)

Peter Godulla

Patrick Sellier
(Brand Strategy)

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The logo is clear, unobtrusive, and modern – without frills. The concept: “The Taugl is always in motion, never standing still – just like the citizens who work proactively on their valuable living space.” This is the logo’s true purpose: to be used by all who align and wish to share this sentiment.








Festlegung auf passende Farben im Zuge des Brand Designs für die Marke Taugl






We searched for colors with something “taugler-ish” about them. We found them in historical costumes: loden brown and scarlet red. Together they are strong and grounded, like the new Taugl brand.





























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