(Pyramids in Florida)

Rise and Shine Vacation Village

Austrian Gertraud Höntzsch runs a unique resort in the USA for health-conscious guests from all over the world. Pyramid village is an ideal starting point for other Florida experiences. It is a powerful vacation place to recharge, regenerate and find balance. The new brand design expresses this using the Sunshine State as humorous inspiration.

Idea and Implementation

Just like staying at Pyramids in Florida, the brand design should also evoke pleasure and arouse anticipation for an informal vacation at this place of power.


Pyramids in Florida






Salzburg State Prize 2020

3rd place, corporate design


Sibel Koyuncu
(Social Media Management)

Anna Kronthaler
(Graphic Design)

Sandra KTG
(Art Direction, Illustration, Photography, Signaling / Signage)

Saskia Ritter-Höntzsch
(Content Strategy, Social Media Management, Editorial)

Sergej Ritter-Höntzsch
(Project Management, Creative Direction, Brand Thinking, Signaling / Signage, Photography)

Alexander Sellas
(UX Design)

UX & Tollerei
(Web Development)

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Pyramids in Florida Brand Design by Solid & Bold
Pyramids in Florida Brand Design by Solid & Bold
Pyramids in Florida Brand Design by Solid & Bold

Inspired by the positive Florida lifestyle and unusual resort architecture, we created a brand design that is as characteristic as Pyramid Village: Picturesque sunsets and tropical plants become a world of color. The pyramids and the fountain in the middle of a soothing thermal lake became colorful illustrations. This is all designed in a relaxed atmosphere that lets you feel that a holiday at Pyramids in Florida will be a relaxing pleasure.


If you think the colors are typical, you’re right. Just recall Florida’s green and orange license plates. In design development, we only became aware of this analogy toward the end: we love a lucky strike.


Anyone who has ever been to Florida knows that you don’t get bored in the Sunshine State, thanks to its many amusement parks. Their colorful design inspired us to add a touch of friendliness to the Pyramid Village signage resulting in better guest navigation. In-house illustrations help guests find their way around.

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