Naturally, at the lake

The good life is at home in the Salzkammergut! In a historic house in the middle of St. Wolfgang. Right on the shores of Lake Wolfgang lies a special hideaway for individual travelers seeking peace and quiet: the Hotel Weisser Hirsch. It is an honest place with charm and character, where the Ellmauer family, now in its fifth generation, combines authentic hospitality with a visionary pioneering spirit.

Idea and Implementation

The Wolfgangsee and its surrounding nature are the focus of the strategy, story, and design language. The region is always tangible, both in the brand colors and in the design language. The wave always brings us back to the essential theme. Be it through a deep embossing, an outline, or the font. Simple, plain, yet touching – just like the Hotel Weisser Hirsch.

The typography is a modern interpretation of traditional fonts and thus carries the history of the hotel as well as a look into the future. It is characterized by its dynamic curves and elliptical details that are reminiscent of drops.

Appreciation of nature and the careful use of resources are very important at Weisser Hirsch. We follow this credo for all materials used for brand communication.


Hotel Weisser Hirsch






Brand Design
Brand Narrative
Brand Design
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Stefanie Aunitz
(Projektleitung, Art Direction, Design)

Saskia Ritter-Höntzsch
(Brand Narrative, Redaktion, Lektorat)

Sergej Ritter-Höntzsch
(Brand Thinking, Brand Narrative, Creative Direction)

Matthias Tildach

Reichl Marketing
(Web Development)

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We love this retreat, which follows a simple law of nature: the quieter the water, the clearer the view, and the calmer the thoughts. Because quiet is the new loud and less is often so much more. We get to the bottom of things instead of exaggerating. We are laid-back instead of excited. Even when it comes to what is probably the most beautiful luxury at the Hotel Weisser Hirsch: the direct access to the lake.


We continue to implement the feeling of lightness in our design language. We are rather quiet, but not silent. The Weisser Hirsch has a depth that is waiting to be explored. For example, in the subtle tactile experience of overall deep embossing or wavy contour press-cut.


The highlight badges emphasize the special features of the hotel and the region. They are subtle, but still an eye-catcher. They serve as a decorative element on print and online media, but at the same time convey the most relevant information.


The menu in the hotel restaurant “Steg 73” changes every month and always adapts to the seasonal food. This allows guests to keep their ecological footprint small so that they can leave their remorses at home. In keeping with this, our uncoated paper for the menus is made from recycled corn waste.


The brand story of the Hotel Weisser Hirsch translates the brand strategy into an emotional narrative: calm, atmospheric, and rich in linguistic metaphors. Just reading it makes you feel like you’re on the idyllic bathing jetty – with a white wine in your hand and the sun on your skin.

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