(Hotel Enzian Obertauern)

Home of Good Moods

Cultures mix at the Hotel Enzian in Obertauern: Not only in the love of the two hosts Sissi and Jules, but also that of the guests from all over the world. The Enzian is a modern getaway in Austrias Obertauern ski paradise.

The hotel is a place where inspiration flows and a colourful world is celebrated. At the bar, on the plate and therefore also in the design. So that everyone can feel it and yet no one notices.

Idea and Execution

The Hotel Enzian is a place that celebrates its guests and their cultures. Brand idea: “Where cultures mingle, inspiration flows.”

Typography is the main protagonist to visualize the brand idea: the – literal – mixing of fonts in the logo and headlines creates a concise and unmistakable appearance. The two fonts also each represent one of the two hosts: One font is lively like Sissi, the cheerful and colorful hotelier from Obertauern. The other seems straightforward and clear like Jules, the gourmet chef who moved from France to Austria to be with his wife. The two met and fell in love in his home country, which is why a certain French charm can be felt in the typography and tone of voice.

The bright brand colours bring additional joie de vivre to snowy Obertauern. Combined with lively illustrations, the branding proves that the Enzian truly is the Home of Good Moods.


Hotel Enzian Obertauern






Brand Design


Stefanie Aunitz
(Content Design)

Sandra Kurz-Thurn-Goldenstein
(Screen Design)

Dominik Langegger
(Projektleitung, Art Direction)

Florian Riedlsperger
(Graphic Design)

Sergej Ritter-Höntzsch
(Creative Direction)

Saskia Ritter-Höntzsch

(Web Development)

Matthias de Cillia
(Motion Design)

Ricardo Gantschnigg
(Senior Brand Design)

(Brand Strategy)

Christian Schartner

Gregor Wöckl

Stefanie Wunderlich

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Intro Case
Die Logoanimation bringt den kreativen Leitgedanken perfekt zum Ausdruck. Im Hotel Enzian in Obertauern kommen Gäste aus der ganzen Welt zusammen. Dieser Kulturmix wird durch die Typoanimation spürbar.

Mix and Mingle: Hotel Enzian embraces diversity and celebrates encounters between people, cultures and delicious cuisine. This can be felt in the kinetic branding through the elegant font animation.

Die kreative Leitidee des Hotel Enzian in Obertauern: Where Cultures Mingle, Inspiration flows.
Storytelling durch Illustration: Im Social Media erzählen wir durch Illustrationen die Story der Brand.
Im Interior Design wird die Lebendigkeit der Marke spürbar. Materialmix bringt Alpine Gemütlichkeit.
Social Media Layout und Design für das Hotel Enzian in Obertauern.
Das Interior Design gibt dem Haus in Obertauern seinen alpinen Charme. Offene Räume mit viel Materialmix.

The mixed-media illustrations convey French lightness and give the brand its character. The pointed spot illustrations visually break up the brand story and tell little stories from the Home of Good Moods.

Ausgefallenes Dekor im Flavours Restaurant im Hotel Enzian in Obertauern.
Speisekarte Mal anders: Wenn die eigene Speisekarte so schön ist, dass man sie als Bild an die Wand hängen kann.
Die Illustrationen vom Hotel Enzian in Obertauern erzählen von den Good Mood Moments im Hotel.
Die Piktogramme des Hotel Enzian in Obertauern sind so gestaltet, dass sie perfekt zur Hausschrift passen.

The icons – just like the corporate fonts – are a combination of two worlds. Lines and surfaces are combined in such a way that they formally match the logo and the headlines.

Gutscheinlayout für das Hotel Enzian in Obertauern.
Hauskatze Suzette vom Hotel Enzian als Illustration.
Visitenkarte für das Hotel Enzian in Obertauern.
Workation ist eines der großen Themen für das Hotel Enzian in Obertauern. Die Illustration zeigt, dass sich Urlaub und Arbeit dort harmonisch verbinden lassen.
Das Screen Design der Website vom Hotel Enzian in Obertauern.
Die mobile Ansicht vom Screen Design der Website des Hotel Enzian in Obertauern.
Mitarbeitermode für das Hotel Enzian in Obertauern.
Design und Layout der Tragetasche vom Hotel Enzian in Obertauern.
Kofferband Layout und Design für das Hotel Enzian in Obertauern.
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