(Burg Hotel Oberlech)

Legendary Pleasure.

Out of line? You bet! The Burg Hotel Oberlech offers both a public stage and private spheres where guests celebrate. The legendary cult hotel has been known for its unbelievable hospitality for generations.

Idea and Implementation

When did everyone get so serious? This is the pressing question at the Burg Hotel; more of an exclusive club where people can act out. Loud rather than quiet; counter dancer versus desk sitter; Champagne-heavy rather than Ayurveda-strict. You can feel this contrarian nature in the new brand design. “The special thing about Oberlech and the Burg Hotel is that we are higher than Lech. Our winter sun lasts longer. We see the mountain panorama. Because of our more remote location, we can celebrate a few hours longer —  privately.” The guiding brand principle was born when the Burg´s founder, Fridolin Lucian, explained it all: everything is “a little bit over the top.” Color scheme, typography, iconography, and imagery conform to this idea and offer a little bit more. This is how a traditional house stands out from the Arlberg hotel crowd and remains authentically true to its own history.


Burg Hotel Oberlech


2019 — 2022




Stefanie Aunitz
(Graphic Design)

Sandra KTG
(Art Direction)

Dominik Langegger
(Project Management, Art Direction)

Saskia Ritter-Höntzsch
(Editorial; Proofreading)

Sergej Ritter-Höntzsch
(Brand Thinking & Narrative)

Matthias Tildach
(Graphic Design, Photography)

Michael Königshofer

Michaela Hannah Zeman

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Info Case
Im Burg Hotel Oberlech weht ein neuer Wind. Die freche Farbwelt kommt besonders beim Logo zur Geltung.
Fotoshooting Mal anders: Die Imagebilder vom Burg Hotel Oberlech sind strategisch frech.
Die Schrift sagt fast so viel wie tausend Worte. Der Charakter der Marke und des Burg Hotels Oberlech in Form gegossen.

We don’t promise too much with the claim, “We take your pleasure seriously.” At the Burg Hotel Oberlech, decadent luxury meets down-to-earth Alpine tradition. It’s no wonder the international jet set has been coming here for generations. Why don’t you hear about it? Because the hotel is committed to absolute discretion — what happens in the club stays in the club.

Brand Design und Fotoshooting für das Burg Hotel Oberlech by Solid & Bold
Logo und Typografie des Burg Hotel Oberlech in Anwendung.

Could we do a bit more? Absolutely! The Burg’s charming Brand Design is not frugal: high-contrast colors meet concise typography and lavish decorative elements. This creates a modern design language that celebrates the hotel’s tradition and translates it into a new generation of hosts and guests.


Courageous with ornaments: Decorative graphic elements give the brand design its distinct charm. Curved lines literally run through all pages as separators, frames, or icons.


The Burg imagery is casual yet stylish. It captures the joy of life’s beautiful things and expresses itself lightheartedly – all wrapped up in a subtle retro color grading.

The in-house publication “Drüber Magazin” offers the best stage with the appropriate effect: 36 oversized pages tell the Burg story with high-quality editorial for every season.

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