(95 Grad)

Full Steam. Real Good.

The optimal temperature for lunch at work: 95 degrees. Made with real ingredients, passion and common sense, and packed for the office lunch. Their delicious brand promise brings brand design to the fore.

Idea and Implementation

Food that brings people together — to make and enjoy. This is the company philosophy, and the history of the Salzburg delivery service for steamed employee meals realized in design. We were allowed to accompany the owners and strategically put the brand on course. The result? A colorful journey through the delicious, healthy world of 95 degrees.




Food & Beverage


Anna Kronthaler
(Graphic Design, Illustration)

Dominik Langegger
(Project Management, Art Direction, Illustration, UX Design)

Saskia Ritter-Höntzsch
(Content Strategy, Social Media Management, Editorial)

Sergej Ritter-Höntzsch
(Creative Direction, Brand Strategy, Brand Story)


Michael Königshofer

Stephan Riefer
(Brand Story, Text)

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95 Grad Brand Design by Solid & Bold

95 Grad has devoted itself entirely to product development and process optimization in recent years, but on this journey, they overlooked brand positioning. With a clear brand strategy, we supported the company in formulating its own concise story.


High-quality products are seen in the design: Inspiration for the brand color world: food that retains fresh, bright colors through gentle preparation.


“Really thoughtful.  Really regional. Really personal. Really fair. And above all: Really delicious.” — this is the heart of the 95 degree brand story. It manifests as a creative guiding principle in all implementations.

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