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It’s time to put our brand on the stage. We define, design, and translate brand experiences that are meant to be seen, loved, and remembered.

No matter how good your offer is, people don’t just buy your products or services; they buy meaning and experience. On average, a normal person makes more than 6,000 brand contacts per day. You will be overlooked unless you meet your audience with simple and authentic experiences along the entire customer journey.

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Intro Website / UX UI

Website / UX UI

We think and work digitally. Depending on your needs and requirements, we collaborate with programmers and digital agencies.

We implement your most important digital touchpoint according to best practices (strategy + story). The result is a solid concept, a bold design, and a highly-responsive, SEO-optimized website.



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Website / UX UI Content & Editing

Content & Editing

Image brochures, website blogs, newsletters, and hotel guides feed on content. They are relevant publications because they touch your audience.

Nothing works without proper editorial. Good content is necessary to spread your key issues and brand message. We support you in implementing a communication strategy. As hunters and gatherers, editors, interviewers, authors, copywriters, bloggers, translators, and proofreaders, we are enthusiastic ambassadors of your stories.

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Content & Editing Packaging Design

Packaging Design

In fact, we do judge books by their covers because external values count. Through good package design, your products will convey customer promise and uniqueness.

We transfer strategy, story, and design into independent and expandable packaging that is future-proof. Sustainability, user-friendliness, material aesthetics, protection, and usability ensure that the packaging  catches the eye and keeps its promise.

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Packaging Design Corporate Publishing

Corporate Publishing

Corporate publishing is the concept and graphic design of printed products, also known as print media: newspapers, newspapers, brochures, magazines, and books.

With a high-quality publication, your brand enters the private lives of your audience – the most desirable terrain for branding. In editorial design, we focus on experience and information dissemination. In close collaboration with art direction, editing, illustration, and photography, the result becomes a “big picture” that suits the medium, audience, and brand.

Why is print so special? Read about it in this interview.

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Corporate Publishing Signaling / Signage

Signaling / Signage

Signaling – aka signage – is much more than directions and signage around the building. As a central brand touchpoint, it creates spaces for experience and enhances sense of place.

Signage works on several sensory levels: visual, tactile, cognitive, and auditory. It creates orientation and provides security, helping people find their way quickly to reach their  destination. Only when this succeeds can we speak of a good orientation system. Keep this in mind the next time you visit a restaurant, and you’re looking for the WC …

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Signaling / Signage Photoshootings

Photo shoots & Imagery

Express yourself. If you want to be successful as a brand, you need a clear commitment to quality images that say it faster than words.

It pays to act professionally! Both in organizing the shoot, the shooting plan, model casting, styling, make-up, props, image retouching, and photographer selection. It’s important they understand your brand. At Solid & Bold, we supply  a wide range of experts from documentary style to avante-garde. It depends on which images speak to your audience. Check out our moods.

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Photoshooting Image film

Image Film & Moving Image

We know the right moves. “Content is King” also applies to Moving Content like image films, videos, reels, and GIFs – these formats are the new web currency.

With moving images, your brand literally takes off and inspires your audience anytime and anywhere. Particularly with social media, you must use video clips, GIFs, and reels to convey your message.

The hero’s journey and your key topics provide an ideal script for your next film. Read your brand story again and imagine the corresponding images … moving, of course.

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